Annual State of the RAN report shows LTE hotspots could reach full capacity in 2-3 years*; increased demand for data will accelerate small cell adoption and carrier-grade Wi-Fi

ST. LOUIS - Feb. 4, 2015 - Amdocs, the leading provider of customer experience solutions, today released new research into mobile traffic showing that the ever-increasing demand for data may exhaust the capacity of 4G/LTE network hotspots within the next two to three years*. The annual Amdocs State of the RAN research highlights the urgency for service providers to develop a “smart data” capacity strategy and prioritize investment where there is a demonstrated return on investment (ROI) and allocate capacity automatically and dynamically to maximize customer experience and profitability.

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Download the research here.

Amdocs solution helps with the freeing up of 4G spectrum and manages peak traffic congestion to provide improved network coverage and a superior customer experience

LOUIS - Dec. 16, 2014 - Amdocs (NASDAQ: DOX), the leading provider of customer experience solutions, today announced that Vodafone Hutchison Australia has deployed Amdocs Self-Optimizing Networks (SON) solution to help with the program to improve its 4G coverage and customer experience across Australia. The solution helps Vodafone to free up 850 MHz spectrum previously used for 3G, so that it can be used for LTE. The 850 MHz spectrum is the most widely supported low-band spectrum currently supported by 4G smartphones and tablets, and provides a superior customer experience with fewer dropped data sessions.

Amdocs Self-Optimizing Networks enables service providers to automate the optimization of their radio networks, thereby reducing operating expenses and delaying capital expenditure through efficient traffic management, as well as improve the customer experience.  In this deployment, the solution's algorithms have been customized to meet Vodafone Hutchison Australia's network spectrum and traffic steering goals.

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Amdocs’ world-leading self-optimizing network (SON) solution has been named ‘Bandwidth Optimization Innovation of the Year’ in Telecom Asia's 2014 Readers' Choice & Innovation Awards. The award recognizes technological innovation and industry contributions made by top vendors in the Asia Pacific communications space. The win demonstrates Amdocs’ continued leadership in innovation for the communications industry.

Amdocs SON automates the optimization of radio access network (RAN) configuration parameters to improve the customer experience, increase network performance and increase operational efficiency through automation. In real-world deployments, operators have seen data throughput increase by 20 percent, dropped/blocked calls decrease by 40 percent, and operational efficiency increase by over 80 percent. Awards Shortlist banner

Amdocs Self-Optimizing Networks (SON) has been shortlisted for the prestigious awards in the Network Management Excellence category. The award is open to companies that provide network management services that facilitate efficient control over network infrastructure, including network security, virtualization initiatives and analytics platforms.

Amdocs SON has measurably improved the economics of planning, deploying, managing and optimizing today’s complex radio access networks at multiple operators worldwide.

Key to this success is Amdocs’ set of unique services that support the deployment, configuration, customization and management of SON solutions. These services recognize that every operator is unique and the solution must be tailored to the specific needs of the operator’s network, business constraints and organizational objectives.

Award winners will be announced at a glittering ceremony on December 4th in London.

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Are you missing the bigger picture?

A holistic perspective on the network experience is key.

If you are trying to deliver a better quality of network experience and only relying on intelligence from your network, you’re missing the bigger picture.

Meeting today’s customer expectations requires a holistic perspective on the network experience – one that is value-centric and contextual to the individual subscriber. One that fuses real-time intelligence from the network with customer insight and allows you to shape quality of experience in real time.

With its vendor-agnostic RAN, policy control, OSS and BSS software solutions, only Amdocs can help service providers deliver value-centric network experiences and services – when and where it matters most!

Read the September/October issue of Global Telecoms Business where Amdocs discusses some of the key challenges in the network domain faced by service providers and highlights the approaches needed to tackle the issues effectively. Articles include:

  • Customer experience should be the paramount measure of network performance for service providers
  • Use customer insight and revenue impact to drive network optimization
  • Quality and context are driving new value in the data experience
  • Enabling cost-effective network operations: the search for the next generation OSS
  • Planning, engineering and design solution cuts installation costs of small cell LTE network

Two Amdocs industry-leading solutions have been shortlisted for the LTE Awards which celebrate innovation and recognize achievement in the LTE community.

The Amdocs Self-Optimizing Networks (SON) solution is a finalist in the Innovation in HetNet Development category and Amdocs Smart Cell Placement is a finalist in the Best Test /Measurement LTE Product category.

Logo-LTE-Awards-Amdocs_ShortlistedThe vendor-agnostic Amdocs Self-Optimizing Networks solution delivers SON capabilities to LTE, 3G & 2G networks, enabling operators to create a seamless customer experience across the different network technology layers. The solution improves network performance by ensuring smooth handovers between different technologies and maximizes network capacity by ensuring traffic is distributed effectively across both technology and geography. Amdocs’ offering is unique as it uses customer experience, location and customer value information to create SON algorithms that actively try to improve customer experience rather than just network performance.

Join us at LTE World Summit 2014, 24-25 June, Rai Amsterdam where our experts will be on hand to show how we can help you:

  • Optimize network rollout with the industry’s most effective solutions for LTE, small cells, Wi-Fi and fiber
  • Improve network performance and ROI with leading SON and analytical capabilities
  • Extend the customer experience to the network
  • Accelerate the launch and monetization of any network service

You can also hear our views on critical network challenges:

 Driving LTE network rollout efficiency – why BPM is not enough!  24 June 12:35  HetNets and Wi-Fi Offload
 Examining small cell deployment strategies   24 June 16:50  HetNets and Wi-Fi Offload
 Opportunities for SON in scalable multi-RAT, multi-layer networks   24 June 12:55  HetNets and Wi-Fi Offload
 Optimizing the network for customer satisfaction  25 June 13:00 Expo Summit Network Optimization

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Amdocs SON solution helps mobile service providers autonomously optimize their radio access networks to improve the customer experience

ST. LOUIS, Feb. 10, 2014. Amdocs (NASDAQ: DOX), the leading provider of customer experience systems and services, today announced the Amdocs Self-Optimizing Networks (SON) solution, which automates the optimization of radio access networks (RANs). As mobile network traffic continues to soar, Amdocs SON gives mobile service providers a market-proven solution that efficiently manages increasingly complex heterogeneous networks (HetNets), maximizes capacity utilization and improves network performance and quality for their customers.

Amdocs SON is already successfully deployed at global service providers to help them deliver better network performance, data traffic improvements, improved capacity and near-real-time performance, especially during major sporting and cultural events. In Latin America, four mobile service providers are deploying the Amdocs SON solution, including TIM Brasil who will use Amdocs SON in select Brazilian cities hosting the World Cup soccer games to deliver an overall improved customer experience for visitors and citizens, before rolling it out to the whole country.

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Mobile network traffic doubles in 2013

  • Voice calls increase, data connections double in a year
  • 30 percent of locations carry 80 percent of traffic
  • 30 percent of traffic has shifted from outdoors to indoors

Traffic on mobile networks doubled in 2013, according to the latest research by Actix. Voice calls and indoor data usage rose significantly during the year, with data downloads and uploads more than doubling.

In research conducted into the busiest square kilometres of the Radio Access Network (RAN) on mobile networks around the world, Actix identified a doubling of data downloads in 2013, whilst uploads increased by 140 percent. Even voice calls grew by 16 percent - significantly less than data, but still double digit growth.

  • Most stressed locations result in 17 percent dropped calls
  • Volume of call drops varies widely across handset brands
  • iPhones drop fewer data sessions; Blackberry drops fewest voice calls

Demand for data services is leading to increased failings on mobile networks, according to recent research conducted by Actix. The number of dropped data sessions and voice calls has increased by 121 percent as data demand grows.

On average around 1 percent of voice and data calls fail on mobile networks however some locations deliver call failure rates of over 17 percent during periods of high network load.

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