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ActixOne is the industry's first, most powerful and widely deployed multi-vendor and multi-technology optimization platform. ActixOne's modular architecture allows operators to address over 50 common use cases on a single platform.

Customer experience analytics – geo-location

Customer experience analytics – geo-location

ActixOne automatically geo-locates every call from every subscriber to build an accurate picture of customer experience and network demand. It segments the information by customer, location, handset and service. ActixOne correlates real-time call and cell traces with churn records, customer complaints, network performance, competitive intelligence and social media data to provide the most complete picture of the RAN. With ActixOne you can:

  • prioritize key customers and locations
  • establish indoor and outdoor usage and demand
  • target small cell deployments for maximum impact and ROI
  • identify coverage holes that result in lost revenues
  • quickly identify problem handsets and their impact on the network
  • carry out targeted sales and marketing campaigns

Customer experience driven SON

Actix leverages its unique subscriber insights to enable customer experience centric self-optimizing network use cases that go beyond just increasing efficiency. Actix is delivering proven SON solutions that:

  • improve customer experience and increase automation
  • support multi-vendor and multi-technology networks
  • increase operator control over their networks
  • support both current 3GPP (ANR, MLB, CCO,…) and emerging use cases
  • extend existing ActixOne deployments
Customer experience driven SON
Network rollout acceptance

Network rollout acceptance

ActixOne automates the network acceptance process to enable the effective, independent verification of network quality prior to launch. Automated analytics means customer impacting issues are fixed before sign-off minimizing your rollout risks and ensuring a high quality launch. Actix is supporting over 100 operators and network equipment providers in delivering on-quality, on-time LTE launches. Using ActixOne you can:

  • measure contractually agreed quality KPIs
  • ensure vendors meet their performance and quality obligations
  • quickly and unambiguously pinpoint and diagnose quality problems
  • create dashboards and reports that monitor rollout progress and quality


ActixOne fully automates the processing and analysis of benchmark data making it instantly actionable. It provides automated diagnostics and integrated optimization capabilities to maximize the operational impact of benchmarks. Using ActixOne means you can:

  • quickly understand why benchmark results are falling short
  • decide what actions need to be taken to resolve problems
  • plan your future priorities for improving the network
  • correlate benchmarks with subscriber experience for effective prioritization
Open interfaces

Open interfaces

ActixOne’s open interfaces expose radio access and geo-location data and analytics to third party applications. This enables mobile operators and BSS/OSS solution providers to extract the maximum value and insights from Actix’s unique RAN analytics.

Professional services

Expert installation and data integration services enable rapid delivery and return on your investment. Our approach and delivery method transfers knowledge at every stage. Courses and hands-on training are tailored to each customer’s needs allowing your engineers to get maximum value and become self-sufficient. Our team is always available to assist with the operation and expansion of your system if required.
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professional services
Wireless consultancy services

Wireless consultancy services

With access to 50+ use cases, our expert consultants help you maximize the value of your network and optimize customer experience. They diagnose issues, introduce industry best practice, integrate existing optimization processes, help you trial, benchmark and review new features, and facilitate SON deployment. Advice is independent and impartial and ensures you derive full benefit from the functionality and capability of ActixOne.
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